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Vaginal Discharge

Every girl after the age of puberty, experiences a white or transparent fluid coming out from vagina. This is called vaginal discharge. Every healthy woman will discharge this fluid in small quantity.

The primary function of the vaginal discharge is to keep the vagina moist, and to clean the vagina from dead cells and bacteria.

Absence of vaginal discharge will lead to vaginal dryness, causing itching, burning and pain in the vagina. Hence, vaginal discharge in small quantity is necessary for the body to perform its routine activity. Vaginal discharge keeps the vagina moist and helps to enjoy sex. Since the vaginal discharge clean the vagina, it helps in avoiding infections.

The vaginal discharge begins with the end of the menstrual cycle. As the month progresses, the quantity of discharge also increases. It increases when a woman is aroused. The glands near the mouth of the vagina releases mucus, thus increasing the amount of vaginal discharge. The discharge may also tend to increase during pregnancy.

The quantum of vaginal discharge differs from woman to woman. It is purely based on the hormonal changes in the body.

Vaginitis is the disease in which there is swelling in the vagina. This leads to heavy vaginal discharge. Vaginitis is caused due to an infection. Certain chemicals contained in your cosmetics, deodorants, detergents may cause irritation to the skin and may lead to an infection. The infection may also be caused if proper hygiene is not maintained. It is advisable to change your under clothes and wash them regularly with warm water to avoid infection. Young girls are soft targets for Vaginitis.

Having an unprotected and unsafe sex could lead to a protozoan infection named trichomoniasis. The color of the vaginal discharge turns greenish yellow. The vaginal discharge also gives a foul odor.

If you are getting pain in the stomach while having sex and the vaginal discharge is thick and gives bad odor, then, seek your doctor's advice.

In case there are traces of blood in the vaginal discharge, then it is highly probable that you are having an infection.

In case you are suffering from excessive vaginal discharge or the vaginal discharge has a foul smell, it is time to visit your doctor and take his advice. Shying away from doctor may only aggravate your condition.

If the discharge is like clots, combined with an itchy feeling, then probably you have got yeast infection.

If the vagina is watery and there are traces of blood in the discharge, then rush to your doctor. Changes are there that you have contacted cancer of cervix, uterus or vagina.

Often home remedies are helpful in curing vaginal discharge. But it is better to visit a doctor, in case the problem is not cured after a few days.

Normally, the doctor will conduct a pelvic examination and get your discharge checked in a laboratory. Depending upon the problem, you may be given ointment or antibiotics. In case the doctor suspects cancer, he may you to get a biopsy done.

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